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If you drive a Chevrolet Silverado here in Maine, you probably use it for tough work tasks that require serious braking power. You might want to improve your truck by installing better brakes, which will stop your vehicle faster and last longer than the basic factory-installed braking system would.

Why upgrade?

Vehicle brakes are a vital part in keeping you safe on the road, giving you the control to stop your momentum at a moment’s notice. And when you drive a truck that you use to tow or haul heavy loads like boats to the Maine coast, its brakes work even harder. That’s why we recommend to upgrade Silverado brakes so you stop quicker and avoid wrecks.

Plus, replacing standard brake parts with improved aftermarket OEM products means they’ll last longer before wearing down. For instance, ceramic pads far exceed organic and semi-metallic brake pads in terms of longevity and performance.

What does Chevy offer?

Chevy has designed a high-performance brake system for the Silverado 1500 that you can buy through Quirk Chevrolet of Portland. This six-piston brake system made by Brembo includes red aluminum calipers and Duralife-brand rotors that form significantly reduced corrosion.

Through testing, Chevy found that this Performance Brakes package is less likely to overheat than the standard braking system in most Silverado models. It also delivers improved pedal feel and requires less pressure to stop. If you want to improve braking performance and feel, this package is your best option.

How do you upgrade?

If you’re interested in upgrading your truck’s braking system, Quirk Chevrolet of Portland can help. Give our dealership a call to set up an appointment with our parts and service departments — even if you just want to discuss pricing and options.

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